Pampering Me

We can't always get out to the spa but it's essential that we make ourselves feel good and look good. Here's a few pampering tips that we suggest:

1. Run some warm bath water and add 1 of our  Rejuvenating Herbal Bath Tea bags. The herbal blend has an invigorating aroma that relaxes you all while soothing and softening your skin. You can also try our Calming Coconut Milk Bath.

2. Light your favorite scented candle. 

3. Give yourself a facial! We recommend our TCA Brightening Mask or our Skin Purity Detox Mask.

4. Play some relaxing music. Have you checked out our Relax & Vibe Playlist on Apple Music? 

5. Meditate and recite positive affirmations.

6. After your facial and bath, moisturize with The Body Beautique  Whipped Body Butter. Try our White Tea or Lotus Bamboo for a fresh spa aroma.

7. Buff and polish your toes with your favorite polish.

8. Relax! Let no one disturb your peace.